Previous Projects and Client Testimonials

  • University of Toronto (2018-2020)– Instructional Technology & Innovation Fund (ITIF) – Project-Lead (VALUE: $20,000); Website development; Capacity-Building workshops for faculty; Microsoft Teams-CTAP collaborative learning community.
  • Tri-University Graduate Course (2015-2018) – Transnational Perspectives
    • University of Malta (6 cohorts) (2014-2018) – Continuous Professional Development in Higher Education
  • Universidad de Guadalajara (2018) – Transformative Arts & Cultural Praxis Circle – Keynote address for 600 and full day workshop for 30 professors
  • Strategic Moves – (2018) Hallmarks of Vibrant Rural Arts Communities: An exploratory research project
  • Domain Academy (Malta) (2017) – Quality Assurance & Accreditation process to become University of Valetta
  • Canadian Social Sciences in Education conference (2017) – Transformative Arts & Cultural Praxis Circle – Full day workshop for professors, graduate students and community members

Client Testimonials

Dr. Mary Drinkwater co-developed and taught an international graduate course, called Transnational Perspective in Democracy, Citizenship, Human Rights and Peace Education that brought together and engaged faculty and students at 3 universities (OISE/University of Toronto; Melbourne Graduate School of Education; University College-London). Her creativity has no bounds!

Dr. Fazal Rizvi (Professor, Melbourne Graduate School of Education)

Dr. Mary Drinkwater is a skilled, innovative and inspiring teacher and instructional designer. She provides a wonderful example for future educational leaders and academics

Dr. Karen Edge (Reader, Pro-Vice Provost, University College-London)

Dr. M. Drinkwater – University of Toronto-Successful ITIF (Instructional Technology and Innovation) Grant recipient (M. Drinkwater)

Dr. Susan McCahan, Vice-Provost, Innovations in Undergraduate Education and Vice-Provost, Academic Programs