• Client services project or issue based
  • Technology-enhanced instructional and assessment strategies
  • Program and playbook development
  • Learning management system (LMS) development (synchronous; asynchronous)
    • What exactly do you do here?
  • Capacity-building websites and workshops for educators/trainers
  • Modular workshops (based on Pillar or sub-Pillar focus)

Professional Development and Training

  • Training program leaders in 21st century teaching skills -effective use of online technologies and cultural inclusiveness – diversity, inclusion and equity
  • Workshop and teaching skills training guide development


  • Connecting diverse perspectives to achieve optimal results from collaboration
    • CS: Model where universities from around the world would come together (3 Dean’s partnership)

Connecting Partners for Global Issues

  • Connecting organization goals and values to social issues 
  • Developing partner programs for corporate social and sustainability programs