1. Mission, Vision, Values

MISSION – To help individuals, institutions, organizations transform learning spaces from traditional to ACT-engaged learning environments (accessible, collaborative, technology-enhanced) for business, professional associations and educational institutions. TLS aims to support clients in achieving learning and performance outcomes through the use of innovative technology and pedagogy in locally and globally connected settings.

VISION –  Through the combination of advanced technology and engaging pedagogy we will create context-driven learning environments that challenge all members of your organization or institutions to deepen their learning.  We believe that the use of critical, creative, collaborative, and culturally relevant and responsive pedagogical approaches are vital for diverse and inclusive learning environments where everyone can work individually and collaboratively to develop the skills, knowledge and capabilities necessary to deal with complex issues arising in their field, at the local and/or global levels.  

VALUES – We believe that transformative education requires an acknowledgement and acceptance by educational developers and learners of core values, such as:

  • Equity
  • Diversity and multiple perspectives
  • Inclusion
  • Context relevancy
  • Critical and creative inquiry and engagement
  • Dialogue, discussion, debate
  • Comfort with tensions and ambiguity
  • Complexity and intersectionality of multi-contextual factors
  • Action for social transformation and environmental sustainability
  1. Pillars: 
  • Creating ACT-engaged learning environment
  • Professional Development to support ACT-engaged learning environments
  • Arts, Cultural Praxis & Technology for Social Transformation & Community Development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – “TLS-ENGAGE” – Connecting & Engaging corporate, public and civil society organizations, through technology, for social transformation and environmental sustainability.

Dr. Mary Drinkwater co-developed and taught an international graduate course, called Transnational Perspective in Democracy, Citizenship, Human Rights and Peace Education that brought together and engaged faculty and students at 3 universities (OISE/University of Toronto; Melbourne Graduate School of Education; University College-London). Her creativity has no bounds!

Dr. Fazal Rizvi (Professor, Melbourne Graduate School of Education)

Dr. Mary Drinkwater is a skilled, innovative and inspiring teacher and instructional designer. She provides a wonderful example for future educational leaders and academics

Dr. Karen Edge (Reader, Pro-Vice Provost, University College-London)